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Isola Design Awards

For the first edition of the Isola Design Awards, there are 4 categories and 3 prizes per category, that will be assigned by the public, the sponsors, and an extremely varied jury, made up of 22 international members.

Designers and design studios can submit within July 2nd unlimited projects per category, which can only be released after 01/01/2020 or still unpublished. Each submission has a cost of 47,50€, and each project will be firstly evaluated by Isola Curatorial Team according to the single categories criteria. Nominees’ projects will be voted from June 1st to July 16th by the public and from July 5th to July 16th by the jury members and sponsors.

The Awards Ceremony will be held on July 23rd in Milan, with an exclusive invitation to nominees, jury members, sponsors, partners, and press. The event will be also streamed on Isola TV.

The Categories


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    This category is for projects about home furniture, furnishing accessories, tableware, lighting, bookshelves and storage systems, and any other furnishings that is unique for aesthetic, functionality, creativity, technique or unconventional materials usage.


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    In this category will be listed the projects of designers and brands who have distinguished themselves for inventing or using innovative production techniques, for applying technology in the design industry, for developing technological items for home furnishings


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    This category is dedicated to those projects distinguishable for a sustainable production system, for the material used, for the development of bio materials or the reuse of waste from any industry. Projects can be functional furnishings, but also new materials.


    In this category will be nominated the participants that with their projects have developed design concepts for smart cities, homes and services, but also sustainable mobility solutions, urban furniture, smart architectural systems, and life-changing products.

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The Jury

The jury will evaluate all the projects selected for the first prize, which is worth a free space to showcase the winners' work during Milan Design Week 2021 in one of the main locations of Isola Design District. The 22 international jury members have been chosen for their great knowledge of the design industry from many points of view, combining their different backgrounds, skills, and age, in order to ensure the best evaluation of the projects possible.

Tommaso Spinzi designs the trophy

Tommaso Spinzi is a collectible designer who lives and works in the Isola district and who is the Ambassador of Isola Design Festival. He discovered the neighbourhood in 2015, and witnessed its evolution into the beating heart of the Milanese design scene. His passion for motorcycles, cars and everything mechanical made him feel at home in Isola, dubbed the first “motoquartiere” in the world, and he also decided to base in Isola his firm Spinzi in 2018.

About the trophy

Spinzi was in charge to design the trophy of Isola Design Awards, and it actually perfectly shows his philosophy, characterized by an artistic approach and strong cross-contamination with the automotive industry, while keeping a keen eye on the topics of low environmental impact and upcycling.

3D printed by Caracol AM

The trophies will be produced by Caracol AM, which overcomes the limits of traditional 3D printing offering customized advanced design-to-production solutions. They will be 3D printed using only biodegradable plastic material. The result will be unveiled to the public on May 21st.

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