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What is it?

Isola Design District was founded in 2017, to create a network of exhibitions and installations in the Milanese neighborhood Isola during Milan Design Week, aiming to be the favorite destination for emerging designers and independent design studios or brands. During Dutch Design Week 2019, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Isola Design District was the first and only Italian design district ever to take part in a foreign design event. Now it’s an integral part of the program. Finally, in June 2020, Isola Design District also became an online curated platform. Giving even more visibility to its design community all year round, with several digital services such as designer profiles, project pages, interviews, articles, virtual exhibitions, and much more.


To become part of our Design Community, you can simply apply and choose the yearly plan that suits your needs and expectations the best, including a free option.

Then, our curatorial team will evaluate your work and get back to you within 48h with further steps in case you have been selected.



Dedicated profile page

Project(s) upload

Video(s) upload

Post(s) guaranteed on Isola’s social media pages

Press Kit shared with media

Dedicated article on Isola Design Magazine

Discount on physical events




with yearly payment and VAT excluded


with yearly payment and VAT excluded

Why join the Community?

Isola Design District is constantly evolving and has become a reference for journalists, companies, buyers, and design lovers, who always look for new names and projects in the design industry, especially focused on sustainability.

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Get the chance to be contacted by journalists, buyers, companies and design lovers! It’s a great opportunity of growth and we are working everyday to increase the number of the design professionals in our network, so you can get new contacts to work with.



Wanna launch a new project? With live streaming events, you have the possibility to present your work to our audience and afterward, the video will always stay available in the dedicated section of our website and also within your profile page. You can also be selected between the designers that we or our partners periodically interview!



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Our brand new design magazine will take users into a journey through the main design news from all over the world, with a focus on biomaterials and sustainable design. It is enriched by external contributors such as stylists, like Berry Dijkstra and Hugo Pampin, design agencies, like SOMA_studiomilano, and media partners, like Elle Decoration NL, Design Insiders or Pink Essay. When you are featured on Isola Design Magazine, your article will automatically be shown within your profile!



Besides our digital platform, we will always keep organizing physical events and exhibitions during Milan Design Week and Dutch Design Week. Joining the digital platform you will get yearly discounts to take part in these offine happenings, which are at the two most acknowledged design festivals in the World.

What designers say

“The curated online platform by Isola Design District has offered the design community a needed podium to present new work, a stage that had been missing in the past months due to Covid-19. It is great to see that the online platform has been embraced by both designers and design media”

—Wisse Trooster, Designer based in Eindhoven, Netherlands

What designers say

“We were coming to terms with the exhibition circuit being closed for the year and then one of our peers notified us that Isola was going digital. We signed up right away, and had an incredibly rich experience getting to know the team, other contributors and ultimately getting to immerse ourselves in the world they created. What they did is special and quite brave. A big thank you from Stacklab.”

—Jeff Forrest, Founder Stacklab, Design Studio based in Toronto, Canada

What designers say

“I think what has worked best for me so far was your support through the social media channel, that’s how some people became aware of my project and got in touch with me. The live streaming events are very inspiring, in my opinion you have selected a very good selection of different sustainable designers from different areas. I also think it’s really nice that you offer a free plan for students and support them without any further costs and thus provide a platform for publication.”

—Sarah Harbarth, Product Designer based in Basel, Switzerland

What designers say

“Being part of the Isola Design Community is a unique experience that allowed me to be part of a big virtual exhibition during this year’s unprecedented situation. My profile reached great exposure through visitors and features in Elle Decoration and the Isola Design Magazine. I also joined some fantastic live events and met fellow material designers from around the globe. I hope the Isola Digital Platform grows and grows and I cannot wait to see what’s next!”

—Paula Nerlich, Material Designer based in Berlin, Germany

What designers say

“With the Milan Design Week cancelled this year, the Isola digital platform created the perfect opportunity to set virtually a foot in the Milano district and immerse in an international and vibrant design community. The launch of the platform through the Isola Goes Digital event set the mood – it was fun, innovative and a joyous celebration of design. A great thank you to the team for the opportunity and support.”

—Marta Figueiredo, Designer based in Melbourne, Australia

What designers say

“The Isola platform, for us, was a pertinent response to the current global situation to keep going with the exchange of ideas through the design community that allows our disciplines to move forward. The idea of simulate this part of the city, we think, really has enhanced the user experience and perception of the event. Also the network, that this event has been able to manage, had provide to our project a really good experience since we were able to have an ample feedback from different sources, and also to diffuse the project further”

—Kajkao by Lako, Design Studio based in Quito, Ecuador

What designers say

“We probably never go back to the way the exhibition used to be. I believe the digital platform is undoubtedly a promising way for young artists and designers to showcase their projects.”

—F Square Studio, Design Studio based in Seoul, South Korea

What designers say

“I discovered Isola Design District through an Instagram post, which proposed to participate to the next Milan Design Week. At that time, I just returned from my six-month residency in Taiwan and I was looking for a way to present my projects created there. The whole Isola team knew how to help me and accompanied me during this beautiful digital celebration of design. A big thanks for this adventure full of opportunities.”

—Dorian Etienne, Product Designer based in Paris, France